Cisco 2600 2500 AC P/S PWR-2600-AC – 1 Year Warranty!!!


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PWR-2600-AC – 1 Year Warranty!!! Pull-Out (34-1617-02)


1 Year Warranty – Very Good Condition !!!
Large Quantity Available.

Cisco 2600 Series Power Supplies and the Cisco 2500
(34-1617-02 / 34-1609-02)
Can be used with Cisco 2500 (PWR-2500-AC)

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Figure 1
shows the typical AC power supply for Cisco 2600 series routers. The DC
power supplies look similar, but have a terminal block cover in place
of the three-pronged connector for an AC power cord.

Figure 2 shows the location of the power supply in a Cisco 2600 series router. In this case an AC power supply is shown as an example.

Table 1 lists AC power supply specifications, and Table 2 lists DC power supply specifications. These tables apply to all Cisco 2600 series routers.

Figure 1: Cisco 2600 Series AC Power Supply  

Figure 2: Rear View of Cisco 2600 Series (Cisco 2610 Shown)

Table 1: AC Power Supply Specifications

Specification Value
Input voltage 100 to 240 VAC, autoranging
Frequency 50 to 60 Hz
Current rating 1.5 A maximum
Power dissipation 72 W maximum

Table 2: DC Power Supply Specifications

Specification Value
Input voltage -38 to -72 VDC
Current rating 2.0 A maximum
Power dissipation 72 W maximum
Wire gauge for DC-input power connections 14 AWG1
1AWG = American Wire Gauge.

Installing the Power Supply

Follow these steps to install a power supply in the chassis:

Step 1 Place the power supply in the chassis, with the
power supply faceplate slightly separated from the chassis rear panel.
This position allows the hooks in the chassis to engage the cutouts in
the bottom of the power supply. (See Figure 7.)

Note Install the power supply so that the power connector (AC
units) or terminal block (DC units) are next to the edge of the router.

Step 2 Slide the power supply toward the rear of the chassis, engaging the hooks in the chassis.

Step 3 Replace the external rear mounting screw. (See Figure 6.)

Step 4 Insert the large power connector into the receptacle on the motherboard. (See Figure 5.)

Step 5 Using tie-wraps, fasten the power cables into a
bundle that clears the edge of the chassis and keeps the cables away
from the fan. Be sure that cables to the fans are routed under the hook
in the bottom of the chassis

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