VoIP SERVICE for Business:   Business Telephony needs are different from the home needs. The need for high availability, call forwarding, ring in many extensions, integration with legacy systems and many more features are required. Any VoIP project, small or large with its specific needs will be addressed with our sales technical team and engineers. The service you need will be addressed and will be provided with one of our partners.
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We will guide you for your integration needs to use VoIP service and get its best either you would need IP-PBX or IP Phone/IP-Adaptor we will help you to avoid any un-necessary costs for your complete solution:

Here are some of the necessary Glossaries for the VoIP communication:

IP PBX (IPBX) Can either replace the current PBX or integrate with them, enable VoIP calls with PSTN calls
SIP Server and Proxy Enable to communicate with internal and External extensions to use the power of IP Telephony.
POE (Power Over Ethernet) Provides power to IP phones and devices over Ethernet network.
NAT Traversal/SIP Firewall Enable to keep the VoIP lines up at all times and allow to work in complex environment.
IP Phones Phones that connect with either IPBX or VoIP service for both businesses and residential.
Wi-Fi PDA Allow the use of both VoIP ant other forms of communications.
VoIP Gateways Connect traditional PBX to VoIP service and for telephony providers.
Wi-Fi Phones Enable the user to receive and make calls on Wi-Fi connection (when available) with its VoIP service.
Analog Adapters Enable users to connect VoIP line to analog phones.
Wi-Fi Products Enable wireless communication that evolves the VoIP as well


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