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The Altai A0 WiFi Bridge is based on the 802.11a standard for providing
point-to-point as well as point-to-multipoint communications. The A0
WiFi bridge with integrated antenna can be installed easily for wide
area networking, and deployed as the wireless backbone with high
throughput data transmission.


The A0 WiFi bridge can be connected to an external antenna for
longer range transmissions. The design simplifies installation manpower
and cost. Remote registration and management of the unit is performed
with a user-friendly graphical interface. The rich management features,
including SNMP support, automatic recovery, and remote management
eliminate the manpoiwer need for on-site technical support.

The A0 WiFi bridge can work with other standars WiFi bridges
or the A8 base stations 5GHs wireless backhaul to form point-to-point
or point-to-multipoint high speed connections.

Typical applications include:

1) Wireless backhaul infraestructure for a City-wide WiFi

2) Building-to-building wireless network network connections
in a campus enviroment such as industrial zones, education

The WiFi bridge connection can act as the redundant network
path or the substitute for physical fibre cable or leased lines. The
provisioning time is shorter for setting up the WiFi bridge and its
data speed is in multiples of a leased line. In addition, there is no
recurrent expense with the installed WiFi bridge. The weatherproof
enclosure design of the A0 bridge allows the equipment to be installed
in harsh outdoor enviroments.


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