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The Altai A2 WiFi Pico Access Point is designed to be used in Altai A8
WiFi cellular systems to increase system capacity, extend coverage and
fill-in low signal areas that are blocked by terrain or
The A2 can also be used as a standalone access
point for campus area coverage (smaller systems), where the A8 WiFi
Cellular Base Station is not required


The A2 employs the cellular concept of expanding system capacity by
dividing the coverage area of an A8 WiFi Cellular Base Station. It
enables network operators to take advantage of the cost savings
provided by the A8 WiFi Cellular Base StationĀ“s 300-500% greater
coverage area when initially installing a WiFi system.

As system capacity needs to increase, the A2 can be used to expand
system capacity over 300%. The A2 can be installed exactly where the
capacity requirement is the greatest.

The A2 has both a high capacity 2.4 GHz broadcast radio and a 5 GHz
backhaul radio not only to expand in-system capacity but also to extend
the range of a WiFi system. The 5 GHz backhaul of A2 can be connected
directly to an A8 or an Altai A0 Bridge radio to create a high capacity
WiFi system.

The A2 can also be used as a standalone Access Point for smaller
system. It can be a cost effective alternative for smaller coverage
areas where the coverage of an A8 WiFi is not required.

A2 is combined with the A8 WiFi Cellular Base Station and the A0 WiFi
Bridge, it can be used to create the most cost-effective high capacity
WiFi system possible.


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