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When your business success depends on uninterrupted access to the Internet, you can’t rely on a single Internet connection or single provider.

When downtime or slowdowns cost you money protect your Network Performance with PowerLink™ products.

PowerLink Pro™ is a multi-homing Internet access appliance, an Internet traffic manager if you will, that sits between the LAN and the WAN.

Key benefits include:

Intelligent traffic management and load balancing across all WAN links

Automatic link failover, including VoIP Failsafe with traffic shaping to guarantee availability and performance

Transparent firewall for easy installation

Best path routing of traffic for optimized link utilization

Flexibility to economically scale your network

As networks grow quality of service takes on greater significance. As the network is used more bandwidth is consumed causing inconsistent performance and delays. With many of today’s mission critical applications such as VoIP, Video, Oracle, SAP, etc. performance fluctuations become simply unacceptable. PowerLink Pro™ prevents these problems and enhances performance and reliability. Now your most critical applications are guaranteed to get the bandwidth required for smooth and consistent performance.


WAN link redundancy with automatic failover protection for 24/7 Internet availability

Multi-homing without BGP

Bandwidth Aggregation up to 100 Mbps from multiple ISPs (works with any type Internet connection)

QoS Traffic management for guaranteed performance to all business critical applications

Transparent firewall setup

VoIP Failsafe with advanced traffic shaping

DoS and DDoS protection

Hardware failover (optional)

Email notification with alerts

PowerLink Pro100

100 Mbps
2 to 15 ISPs
Best Path Routing
128 Number Domain Name
VoIP failsafe with traffic shaping
Bandwidth Management via Enhanced QoS.
SNMP and Network Monitoring.

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