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CTX1000 Converged Acces QOS Appliance and VoIP

Professional Bandwidth Management Device
for VoIP and general IP Communications.

Jitter and Clipping in VoIP Calls caused by WAN congestion in both
Plug-n-Play QOS Appliance supports preferential
routing for VoIP and one additonal data class plus best effort for all
other network traffic.

-Fast and easy to install
-Industry-leading traffic management
application layer traffic classification
-Precise bandwidth
guarantees using Class-based Queuing
-Flow optimization with
TCP rate shaping
-Packet size optimization
Highly efficient use of bandwidth protects VoIP while
dynamically allocating available bandwidth to other

-POE port

-Designed for
plug-n-play install.


Experiencing voice distortion, word loss, echo, talker overlap
or dropped calls on your VoIP network? 

Solve your VoIP problems quickly and easily with the
application-aware CTX 1000 VoIP Accelerator.  The CTX 1000
ensures toll quality performance with robust traffic management to
protect VoIP traffic and ensure optimum use of broadband bandwith at
the lowest possible cost.  Applications are classified at
wire-speed on a per flow basis so VoIP gets top priority and guaranteed
bandwidth.  Ideal for small branches, SMBs and VoIP service
providers who need to assure VoIP quality.  The system is easy
to install, hides all bandwidth management complexity, is transparent
to existing network infrastructure and eliminates support calls from
unhappy customers.


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