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The perfect FXS solutin for Voice over Broadband and ITSPs

The Digium™ S100I, affectionately known as the IAXy™, takes Asterisk™ from the PC to the CPE. The IAXy is aimed at Voice Over Broadband and Internet Telephone Service Providers.

The IAXy provides a single, fully featured FXS interface with an Ethernet back-end, speaking the Asterisk-native IAX protocol, at a highly competitive price. The IAX protocol provides complete NAT transparency, enabling full operation behind NAT and PAT firewalls. This includes the ability to robustly transfer calls between endpoints, allowing on-net calls to be moved off of a service provider´s network for better quality and lower cost.

Feature List
Auto Upgrade
Caller ID
Call Waiting
Cancel Call Waiting (*70)
Caller ID on Call Waiting
Caller ID Disable, Enable (*67, *82)
Three-way Calling
Call Transfer
Blind Transfer
Call Parking
VMWI (Voice Mail Waiting Indicator)
Mute Rx on-Hook
Pulse Dial
Call Hold

Technical Specifications
VoIP Codecs ulaw (G.711), ADPCM
VoIP Protocol , Inter-Asterisk eXchange (IAX)
Telephone, Ringer Equivalence Number: 5

Physical Specifications
9V DC, 1500mA Regulated
Tip Positive 5.0mm outer-diameter2.5mm inner-diameter connector
Operation Range: 0° to 50° C,32° to 122° F
Storage Range: -20° to 65° C,4° to 149° F
Humidity: 10-90% non-condensing

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