Epygi QuadroM E1-T1 Gateway


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Epygi QuadroM E1-T1

The QuadroM E1/T1 expands on the capabilities of its sibling, the Quadro E1/T1, doubling the concurrent call capacity for both E1 (world standard) and T1 (North America and Japan) connections. This newer model features 30 channels of compressed g.729 codec and conforms to a broad variety of voice codecs and signaling protocols. Architecture and design enhancements improve sound quality and application integration. 

The QuadroM E1/T1 is available in a sturdy metal rack-mountable housing that permits the inclusion of a built-in power source and cooling fan for heavy duty operation and extended life span. 

Like the Quadro E1/T1, the QuadroM version includes call routing and auto attendant capabilities, voice prioritization over data and sophisticated firewall and security elements. And like the Quadro E1/T1 the QuadroM functions primarily to bridge traditional PBX traffic to the Internet, reducing costs and simplifying system administration.

Ports for analog phones 
or devices: 1

Single E1/T1 port: 30 simultaneous calls (E1), 
24 (T1)

E1/T1 ports: 1 
Ethernet LAN ports: 1 
Ethernet WAN ports: 1

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