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The Internet Power Phone 2000 combines the best of both worlds, supporting standard telephone devices connected to IP telephone services. The IPP2000 adapts any standard telephone for use with your PC. It is the perfect blend of old and new technology and gives you the greatest amount of flexibility to meet your IP telephone needs. The IPP2000 uses any standard phone, converting it into a high quality USB communications tool. It also supports full button integration, with hook switch, DTMF dialing, and Caller ID to the phone. Full 90V ring is provided, with a ringer eq. of 3.5 standard telsets.

USB phones greatly improve the capabilities of PC based telephony solutions

Eutectics Inc. specializes in the design and development of PC connected USB phones addressing the need for better, more cost effective CPE for the emerging converged voice and data industry.

USB IP Phones substantially improve the audio quality and user interface of PC based telephony. Stereo quality audio processing is handled by a dedicated ASIC, in the phone. Full button integration with softphone clients running on the PC. The USB phone looks, sounds and feels like a conventional phone.
Operation of the USB IP phone does not require for the user to learn a new interface. However if the user is ready for it optional new and powerful capabilities become available thru the integration with PC applications.

Eutectics phones come in a variety of ergonomic form factors offering headsets, handsets, desk/speaker phones, and 2.4 GHz multi-station cordless phones. Coupled with a softphone or as a standalone, USB phones can increase productivity, extend the usefulness of the client’s IPBX, improve the quality of voice connections while reducing cellular expenses and the reception challenges of cellular coverage.

Integration Packages and Protocol Options

Integration Packages
Cisco Softphone
NBX pcXset Softphone
Sphere Communication Spherical 4
Shoreline ShoTel Softphone
Northel i2050 Softphone
Artisoft Softphone
CrystalVoice Client
OAISYS Netphone
Avaya Softphone
Siemens Opticlient
Counterpath/Xten Softphone
Eyepmedia Softphone
MSN Messenger
SJ Labs SJphone Softphone
MyJabber Softclient
IAX Phone
IP Blue Softphone
API Toolkit Request
Drivers Only
Snom Softphone

Protocol Options
Skyper Protocol
Cisco SKINNY Protocol
NBX Protocol
Spherical 4 Protocol
Shortel Protocol
Nortel Protocol
Artisoft Televantage Protocol
Avaya Softphone Protocol
Siemens Optioclient Protocol
Eyebeam/Xten SIP
Eyep SIP
Eyep H.323
3WTel/Superior Protocol
MSN SIP Protocol
SJ H.323
MyJabber SIP Protocol
IAX Protocol
API Toolkit Request
Drivers Only

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