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The third generation of IP VideoPhones which comes with an abundance of exciting new features

The MTA 5410 is compatible with 3G networks and mobile videophones. Calls can be made between fixed line videophones and 3G mobile videophones, thus enabling face-to-face communications between homes, offices and mobile users on the road.

The built-in NAT Router enables the end user to share the same broadband link for both video telephony and internet access without increasing access charges for separate IP addresses. With a priority switch built-in, video telephony traffic is given preference to ensure smooth video conversation even when someone is using the same link for internet surfing. It supports network based firewall and border traversal solutions offered by service providers, allowing telephony services to be deployed behind NAT/Firewall environments in enterprises. In addition, the MTA 5410 supports VLAN routing for better control of video, voice and data traffic.

The MTA 5410 is equipped with user-friendly menu architecture powered by an icon-based GUI system. The user can easily navigate and access the set of rich features available in the VideoPhone.


Call Agent Softswitch:

• SIP 2.0
• H.323 V2
• MD5 Authentication
• Domain Support
• Outbound Proxy




• HG.711 (a-law, u-law) , G.723.1, G.729, G.728
• H.261, H.263, H.263+

Camera :

High Quality ¼” CCD sensor

Video bandwidth :

64 kbps to 768 kbps

Video resolution :

• CIF resolution (352 x 288 pixels)
• QCIF resolution (176 x144 pixels)
• Maximum 30 frames per second

Voice Quality :

• G.168 Line Echo Cancellation
• Voice Activity Detection
• Comfort Noise Generation

Quality of Service :

• ToS Tagging
• Priority Switch

Network Interface:

• Dual 10/100 Base-T Uplink/Downlink Ports

Display :

• 4″ TFT Color LCD
• Adjustable LCD panel

Video and Audio Input:

• Auxiliary Video In/Out: (NTSC / PAL, RCA-phono)
• Auxiliary Voice In/Out: (RCA-phono)

Call features :

• Call Hold
• Call Transfer
• Call Waiting
• Call Screening
• Call Forward
• Caller ID Display/Blocking


• Dimensions: 9.06″W x 8.58″D x 3.69″H (230mm W x 218mm D x 93.7mm H)
• Weight: 3.31 lbs (1.5kg)

Phone features :

• NAT Router
• Firewall/Border traversal solution support
• Messaging (SMS, MMS, Video clips)
• Icon-based GUI
• Auto Answer with Password
• Screensaver
• Tone selection
• Privacy Mode
• Full Screen Remote/Self and PIP View
• Video Input/Output
• Volume Control
• Handsfree and Speaker Phone
• Last Number Redial via Call History
• Mute
• PhoneBook
• Call History (Incoming and Outgoing Calls)
• Multi purpose LED (Network, Call Ringer, etc)
• Message LED
• Information Delivery System (IDS)
• Firmware Upgradeable

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