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SPI Firewall – The stateful packet inspection (SPI) and packet filtering firewall assures that your LAN stays private, secured and protected from malicious attacks via the Internet.
* Broadband router and NAT – (1 WAN port / 4 LAN ports) The router in the IX67 connects your PC and other networked equipment to the Internet. Your computers and network units on the inside can be assigned public IP addresses or use NAT addresses.
* Support for SIP – SIP is the Internet standard for live person-to-person communication, that will create the next significant expansion of Internet usage after email and web surfing. IP telephony or VoIP is one usage of SIP. SIP does not traverse conventional firewalls and NAT routers! The IX67 has a built-in SIP proxy and registrar that dynamically controls the firewall and NAT for full SIP support.
* Adapter for IP Telephony (2 FXS ports) – Telephony is now offered over your broadband connection. The SurfinBird IX67 FW GW2 includes ports for connecting a conventional telephone for use with SIP based IP Telephony, without the use of extra adaptor box.
* Gateway to the Telephone Network (1 FXO port) – The SurfinBird IX67 FW GW2 also includes a port to the telephone network, working as a gateway for SIP based IP telephony and the old telephone network. Use for emergency calls, IP telephony back-up and integration of your old telephony. Answer your old telephone and make local phone calls from your laptop when traveling.

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