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outdoor dome camera (IP65) for use at night or in low-light conditions.
As a night model, the D22M-IT-Night is equipped with a black-and-white
sensor and an IR lens. It delivers images at a frame rate of 30 VGA
images (640 x 480 pixels) per second.

D22M FixDome is the new inexpensive line of MOBOTIX cameras that can
display and record up to 30 images per second including sound. They are
equipped with a camera module, which can be individually positioned in
(almost) any direction. Using external microphone and speakers, the D22
supports bidirectional audio, records lip-synchronized sound and sends
alarms to the user via integrated SIP-based IP telephony functions. It
is powered using standard PoE or the inexpensive MOBOTIX system. At 640
x 480 pixels, the camera┬┤s resolution is approx. 6 times higher than
the CIF images from analog cameras. In VGA (640 x 480) and CIF (320 x
240) formats, it delivers 30 images per second with a very low network
load (MxPEG: approx. 1 Mbit/sec). The camera software offers integrated
alarm management with pre- and post-alarms, playback and multi viewing
of up to 30 cameras in the browser. Thanks to the concealed cabling,
the D22 cameras are suitable for installation on walls and ceilings.
The temperature range is -30″ to +50″C (-22″ to +122″F). In locations
with a high risk of being vandalized, the robust IT and Secure models
can be given extra protection with the optional Vandalism Set that
includes a 3mm thick polycarbonate dome and an additional stainless
steel cover. The models are approved for outdoor use according to IP65
and come with additional software functions.


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