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dual network camera with megapixel resolution and one telephoto and
super-wide-angle lens each for simultaneous recording from two
different perspectives. Integrates all MOBOTIX functions. Day model.

MOBOTIX M12D-DualNight network camera series includes high-performance
professional cameras for use during the day and at night. The cameras
are equipped with two separate image sensors and a day and night lens.
Depending on the lighting conditions, the camera switches automatically
from color to the more sensitive black-and-white sensor. This ensures
an optimum picture quality even at night. With megapixel resolution
(1280×960 pixels), integrated microphone and speaker, ISDN connection,
motion detection, alarm management with pre- and post-alarms, alarm
alert via telephone call, digital zoom, event-controlled recording,
switching functions (1x In, 1x Out) and an RS232 interface as well as
certified temperature tolerance from -30 “C to +60 “C (-22 to +140 “F),
the M12D-DualNight cameras also include all the trusted MOBOTIX
functions for convenient, professional camera use. Optionally, the
cameras in the M12D-DualNight series are also available with a
telephoto/super-wide-angle lens combination in addition to the
Day-Night model.


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