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dual network camera with megapixel resolution and one telephoto and
super-wide-angle lens each for simultaneous recording from two
different perspectives. Integrates all MOBOTIX functions.

MOBOTIX M12D-DualNight network camera series includes high-performance
professional cameras for use during the day and at night. The cameras
are equipped with two separate image sensors and a day and night lens.
Depending on the lighting conditions, the camera switches automatically
from color to the more sensitive black-and-white sensor. This ensures
an optimum picture quality even at night. With megapixel resolution
(1280×960 pixels), integrated microphone and speaker, ISDN connection,
motion detection, alarm management with pre- and post-alarms, alarm
alert via telephone call, digital zoom, event-controlled recording,
switching functions (1x In, 1x Out) and an RS232 interface as well as
certified temperature tolerance from -30 “C to +60 “C (-22 to +140 “F),
the M12D-DualNight cameras also include all the trusted MOBOTIX
functions for convenient, professional camera use. Optionally, the
cameras in the M12D-DualNight series are also available with a
telephoto/super-wide-angle lens combination in addition to the
Day-Night model. With the exception of the telephoto lens, all the
lenses in the M12 camera models are adjusted at the factory and fixed
into place, i.e. glued, so that they are set to record the sharpest
images for the life of the camera. While this is an advantage in terms
of camera durability (particularly when it is exposed to high winds or
swaying masts), the disadvantage is that the lenses can only be
adjusted in the factory. Because of the robust, compact design of the
M12D camera models, it is also not possible to install all of the
MOBOTIX lenses (see lens options) currently available. The only lenses
available for this camera series are the L22 super-wide-angle, L43
wide-angle and the L135 telephoto lens.


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