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Skype Now Works with Corporate PBX. VoSKY Exchange lets you treat Skype lines like trunks on your PBX.

VoSKY Exchange is the world´s first product that brings the benefit of Skype to an office environment. Exchange seamlessly bridges your existing PBX to the Skype network, and gives you inexpensive long distance and international calls. Exchange adds four Skype lines to your PBX, and extends the benefit of Skype to every extension in your office.

It lets agencies using PBX system connect with Skype without making any changes to the PBX system. This means that agencies with multiple offices can equip each location with Exchange, making calls between the offices free.

The new stackable, rackmountable device add four or eight outgoing Skype lines to the office PBX, allowing users to make and receive free and low-cost long-distance and international phone calls over the world´s largest Voice over Internet Protocol network.

The product requires no changes to existing PBX equipment, phones or user PCs; can be installed in two hours; and allows users to make and receive Skype calls on their regular office phones instead of using a PC and headset.

Another product from Actiontec called VoSKY Call Center connects to your PC and lets you make and receive Skype calls on any handset, including your mobile phone.

To use VoSKY Call Center to the full extent of its capabilities, the phone line should be connected to the line port on the device. That´s the dual line mode. With that configuration, it´s literally Skype and cheap phone service wherever you are.

Once you´ve connected it to your computer and phone jack, you call Call Center from any phone and tell it which Skype contact you would like to call. Call Center then makes and transfers you to the free Skype call. For more convenience, you can also connect a phone directly to Call Center and just dial your contact´s number from this phone. In either case, make Skype calls from any ordinary phone, wherever you are.

If you are one to make lots of international calls and have a perpetual need for Skype´s services; this call center will be a great convenience and money saver for both you and for your Skype friend.



Supports 4 or 8 inbound and/or outbound calls concurrently, depending on model.

Automatically finds a free line/port for the incoming or outgoing Skype call.

OFFHOOK or ONHOOK detection

Busy tone generation or detection to prevent line locking.

Excellent sound quality with Skype

Centralizes all Skype activities to a single computer, simplifying account management, usage and billing

Speed Dial

Works with Skype & SkypeOut Speed Dial

Supports up to 10,000 pre-programmed speed-dial numbers

Each dialing code can be up to 16 digits in length

Able to remotely configure the speed-dial book

Programmable Voice Menu to prompt callers

Personal Phonebook: Allows users to create and manage their own phonebooks
Works with the existing PBX to provide other telephony features such as Call Transfer,Call Pickup,Call Hold, Call Waiting,Conference Call… etc. (PBX dependent)

Software auto-detects new revision and generates a pop-up window on the computer screen

Troubleshooting: Skype Status Detection, Skype Crashed Detection, USB Unplug Detection , Line Locking Detection

Notification on troubleshooting and SkypeOut credit amount

Call log for inbound and outbound calls

Remote access via VNC web administration . System Log


Outgoing call forwarding (Skype calls to ordinary phones)

Incoming call forwarding (ordinary phone calls to Skype calls)

Call notification when Skype contact is online

Computer answering machine software included

Connects directly to your home phone so you can make and receive Skype and regular calls from your phone

Patented I-Phone switch for switching your phone between Skype and ordinary phone modes

Call waiting

Caller ID for Skype calls

Supports Skype speed-dial and SkypeOut service

Voice menu

No external power required

Echo-cancellation technology

EXCHANGE 9040. 4 FXS lines; 1 USB port (Rack stackable model)

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